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Japanese bicycle riding rules

Please observe the followings for a delightful sightseeing tour on bicycle.

Rules for enjoying safe sightseeing tour by bicycle

Basically, one should ride a bicycle on the streets, not on the sidewalk.

However, if there is a signboard on the sidewalk saying ‘bicycles allowed' you can use it.

Ride on the left,
never on the right side of the street.

When cycling on the sidewalk use the side close to the car street.

When cycling on sidewalks, give priority to pedestrians and use the side near the street.

When cycling on the sidewalk use the side close to the car street. When it's crowded, stop for a while and let pedestrians go first.

If it is too crowded, please get off and push the bicycle.

Please follow traffic safety rules.

No alcohol. No double riding. Don’t ride side by side with friend in a row.

At the crossings, follow the traffic light strictly and make sure that it is safe before crossing. Use your bike’s light at night.

Children should wear helmet.

When someone above sixteen yeas old is carrying a child below six on the child seat, the child must wear a helmet.

Thirteen years old children and below should wear a helmet while riding a bicycle.

Cautions about parking a bicycle

Please lock your bicycle when you park it. This sign means parking bicycles prohibited area. Kyoto city frequently confiscates all bicycles parked in such areas.

Please do not park near railway stations, shops or private houses. Please use bicycle parking areas.

When visiting temples, shrines, public facilities and shops, please ask the staffs there about bicycle parking place.

For more information about the location of bicycle parking, please see the page "List of bicycle parking lots"

Areas where cycling is prohibited

Riding bicycles is prohibited on some sidewalks during a particular period. Push your bicycle in such areas.
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